Food Trips

5 Underrated Destinations for Food Lovers

Istria, Croatia
Why go: Home to some of the best truffles in the world, truffle-themed cuisines, delicious Croatian wines

Le Marche, Italy
Le Marche
Why go: Off the beaten tourist tracks, truffles at affordable prices, meats like lonza; dishes like spaghetti allo scoglio, vincisgrassi, and more

Mexico City, Mexico
Mexico City
Why go: Cheap and delicious food, scrumptious street food, atole, tacos al pastor, tamales, tlacoyo,

Why go: Multicultural cuisines (Chinese, Indian, and Malay), high-end restaurants featuring top celebrity chefs, street food, food hawker stall with a Michelin star, kopi, a wide array of coffee shops

Tel Aviv, Israel
Tel Aviv
Why go: Unique culinary offerings, hummus, street food like eggplant sandwiches