Coffee Hunting

7 Destinations for Coffee Lovers

Addis Abada, Ethiopia
Addis Abada
Highlights: Touted as the birthplace of coffee, coffee culture, one of the top coffee bean producers in the world, experience coffee making process and enjoy the best-tasting coffee you can find in the city

Havana, Cuba
Highlights: Known for their strong and sweet coffee, Café Cubano, espresso shot with milk called cortadito

Istanbul, Turkey
Highlights: Turkish coffee, see the unique method used in brewing coffee

Melbourne, Australia
Highlights: Vibrant coffee scene, numerous coffee shops and cafes, annual coffee events

Rome, Italy
Highlights: A wide array of caffès, strong coffee culture, espresso, black coffee, and more

Seattle, Washington, USA
Highlights: Home of Starbucks, Seattle’s Best, and Tully’s Coffee; wide range of specialty coffee shops, cafe culture

Vienna, Austria
Cafe Sperl Vienna
Highlights: Coffee shops on UNESCO’s intangible heritage list, café culture, Wiener Melange, Vienna cafes’ ambiance and interiors