Sawdust In My Coffee? No Way!

coffee table

Imagine yourself waking up in the morning and smelling an oh-so-good familiar aroma. You slowly get out of bed, help yourself to a steaming cup of brewed coffee, sit down on the couch, put your feet over the center table, and sip your coffee while reading the newspaper.

Ah, things are going well for you. However, there’s one article that caught your eye. As you read it, your eyes grow wide. The news article mentions that there’s sawdust included in coffee and that you might be drinking a cup with it. You think, “Sawdust in my coffee? No way!”

Luckily, there’s another news article that debunks this claim.

Back in August 2014, the American Chemical Society stated in a report that twigs, soybeans, wheat, and wood might be included in coffee. As expected, this report caused quite a stir among coffee lovers. However, it’s worth noting that the said report wasn’t an official study of filler ingredients that might be included in coffee; a new method was announced instead to detect the said filler ingredients. The report also mentioned that because of climate change, sawdust might soon be included in coffee – just in case its crops disappear completely soon.

But, fret not! Modern Farmer has confirmed in another article that in the United States, there are actually legit methods (Thanks, FDA!) of determining if the food you’re eating or drinking only contains what it’s supposed to contain. The Food and Drug Administration is also responsible in preventing both unhealthy and economic additions from being ingested. They even use fancy microscopes just to check if coffee has any filler ingredients included in it, which – so far – has not been encountered yet.

Furthermore, the National Coffee Association gave more light to this issue as they released their own article. It stated that the country has no record yet of any filler ingredient incident and that the ACS’s promotion of the said report just implied a problem with coffee adulteration, which they also debunked as “not the case.”

And there you have it! There’s really no need to worry about your coffee having sawdust in it. The only time sawdust will be involved is when you work on a new project with a cup of coffee by your side or by simply making a coffee table out of sawdust. Even more so, it will only happen if you keep on using tools like saws or those found on when cutting wood pieces.