For the Love of Food: Eating Right

Pho Bo

Eating right often brings to mind ideas of living with a lot of restrictions when it comes to food. Many foodies would probably balk at the thought of thought of avoiding some delicious foods and treats. And for traveling food lovers, no trip is complete without exploring the local cuisines not to mention the random delectable finds to see while on the road. But a foodie lifestyle does not have to mean choosing between culinary adventures and eating right. Sometimes, all it takes are some small adjustments to how you choose and savor the food you eat.

1. Eat regular meals. Maybe you just want to sleep in or in a rush to get to an appointment that skipping breakfast may seem like a good idea. But whatever your reasons may be, avoid skipping your first meal or any meal for the day. Breakfast is an essential part of the day as it refuels your body after going without food for several hours. By skipping breakfast, you are extending the fasting period. Starting your day on an empty stomach can diminish your capacity to function effectively. It could also trigger hunger pangs which could prompt you to overindulge on snacks or on your next meals.

2. Watch out for excessive sugar intake. You may not be keen on the idea of giving up sugary beverages for the rest of your life. But that does not mean you cannot cut back on your sugar intake. Watch out for anything in excess when it comes to sugary drinks or treats. You can start with slowly cutting back on sodas and other sweetened beverages. Drink water or other alternative low-calorie drinks like unsweetened tea or black coffee. Gradually cut down your daily intake of beverages and switch to more water. This may take some getting used to but the benefits to your health will more than make up for the sacrifice.


3. Choose nutrient-rich food. Your diet relies on your food choices. Eat well by making better food choices. Give yourself time to go over menus thoroughly. Choose foods that are filling and nutritious. You should not worry about missing out on great tasting food if you stick to a healthy diet. There are many scrumptious high-nutrition foods you can savor if you take the time to find them.

4. Know your healthy snacks. Finding healthy snacks when you are in a rush or on the go may not always be easy. You have to know your nutritious treats so you can pick them quickly if you have to. Carrying around some delicious and nutritious food also helps you avoid grabbing unhealthy treats. You can bring some small-sized packs of edibles like nuts, plain crackers, or homemade energy bars or trail mixes that you can enjoy when you feel like snacking.

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